2018 Seminars

Sarjeet Gill, UC Riverside: “How does Bti cause toxicity to mosquitoes?”

Janet Foley, UC Davis: “Changing ecology of Rocky Mountain spotted fever”

Scott Ritchie, James Cook University: “Let the mozzies losse: a tale of two Wolbachias”

Colince Kamdem, UC Riverside: “Adaptation of Anopheles mosquitoes to human habitats and vector control”

Alex Perkins, University of Notre Dame: “Model-based projections of Zika virus infections: diverse epidemiological applications of a new method”

Brian A. Federici, UC Riverside: “Microorganisms as sources of proteins for highly effective mosquito control”

Anthony Cornel, UC Davis: “Predicting efficacy of field adulticiding from laboratory assays for insecticide resistance”

Peter Atkinson, UC Riverside: “The piRNA system of Aedes aegypti and its possible role in viral immunity and transposon silencing: a new route to immune priming?”

Christopher Barker, UC Davis: “Overview of the Pacific Southwest Center of Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases”