Senior Doctoral Level Research Position

The Centers for Disease Control is seeking qualified applicants for a senior doctoral level research position, in the Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, Bacterial Diseases Branch.

Required Qualifications:

– Doctorate degree
– A robust publication record in the field of vector-borne diseases
– Previous research experience focused on Lyme disease, plague, tularemia or tick-borne relapsing fever
– A strong desire to do applied public health ecology/entomology research and service activities
– Demonstrated abilities to work collaboratively on interdisciplinary teams

Desired Qualifications:

– Demonstrated strong quantitative, analytic, or laboratory skills that are used to solve applied public health problems, particularly related to ticks, or tick-borne pathogens

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

– Serve as a principal investigator working with an interdisciplinary entomology and ecology team
– Identify when and where persons are at risk for exposure to vector-borne bacterial pathogens (primarily focused on agents causing Lyme disease, tick-borne relapsing fever, tularemia and plague)
– Elucidate how those pathogens are maintained in natural transmission cycles
– Develop and evaluate strategies to reduce human risk of exposure to ticks, fleas and their associated human pathogens
– Actively involve service activities
– Engage with external public health partners
– Serve as technical advisor on contracts and cooperative agreements
– Mentor less-experienced staff

The position can be filled as soon as a qualified candidate is identified, preferably with a start date in early 2020. Interested candidates should send a CV and a list of 3 references via e-mail to Rebecca Eisen (