PacVec’s overview video on testing for resistance in larval mosquitoes discusses the rationale for monitoring resistance in mosquitoes; an overview of dose responses and how the dose response changes as resistance to larvicides evolves in a mosquito population; the different types of larval mosquito control agents; the supplies needed for carrying out bioassays; bioassay set-up and making stock solutions of control agents; and interpreting the bioassay results. Watch additional videos for more information on testing for resistance in larval mosquitoes to bacterial larvicides, spinosad, sphaericus, and methoprene. 


Hard copies of the tables, figures, summative assessments of some of the content, examples of a datasheet and probit paper, and additional information in the video,Testing for Resistance in Larval Mosquitoes – An Overview”, can be downloaded here.

The Pacific Southwest Regional Center of Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases is supported through Cooperative Agreement Number 1U01CK000649 between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the University of California, Davis.

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