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PacVec advertises vector control and public health careers, training opportunities, and seasonal positions in our weekly PacVec newsletters and on our website. Contact us if you need help advertising!

Learn more about advertising positions for students

Please contact us if your agency has seasonal positions that may be of interest to undergraduate students in the Pacific Southwest region! Such positions are important formative experiences for students, and they are excellent opportunities to raise awareness of career opportunities in vector-borne diseases. PacVec will help advertise by sharing simple job postings with our undergraduate students through our website, weekly newsletters, and job announcements. We can also help you partner with faculty for project-based internships that involve academic credit with a faculty mentor and possible continued data analysis during the school year. To maximize your audience and reach the best candidates for your positions, please send us these position announcements as early as possible, ideally in January or February, before students have settled their summer plans.

The Pacific Southwest Regional Center of Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases is supported through Cooperative Agreement Number 1U01CK000649 between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the University of California, Davis.

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